I am opening this thread for a friend, so I have no direct contact with injured squirrel. A couple days ago she noticed a small animal just sitting there, she took it inside and initially put it in box to keep it warm overnight. It turns out to be a flying squirrel. She went out and bought a big used bird cage for it, even if it was just going to be for short term care. She has a better view of it now and wrote me that squirrel has ate some nuts and plenty of pooping but when it sits, it's head tilts to the left. She said it does get bursts of energy now and then and moves around. When she went looking around trying to understand what might have caused this symptom, the leading info was that maybe an injury to the brain from a fall (remember this is nocturnal flying squirrel). She also read it could be a metabolic bone disease, in that case it would require calcium treatments. As it is unlikely to find anyone in Michigan that could treat it, she will need to do what she can on her own. She is looking for tips and advice on what to do. Later today or tomorrow, she will send me some photos of the head tilt. I have a photo but does not show head tilt.