I have an adult male squirrel that started making sneezing sounds 2 days ago. He wasn't eating much and drinking TONS of water. We trimmed his teeth last night and didn't see any issues there. He appears to have a small amount of discharge from his nose. A little less active than normal. Does this sound like pneumonia? Also noticed recently that he had a small patch of hair missing on his side/back. Could this be related? I am so worried about him. Unfortunately I do not have access to vet care for him. I found some Baytril that is 68 MG that I have leftover from 2018. Would this be helpful for what he has going on? If so, what is the proper dosage and best way to administer it? He is picky so I doubt that I could mix it in his food.

Thanks in advance for all the help! I am new here but have read so much helpful information here for years before registering! You guy are awesome!