So I've seen lots of people say their babies are ready to wean/losing interest in milk at 12-14 weeks. So when Elliot hit that mile stone I was expecting him to slow down. Well here we are at the start of week 16 and he has not lost an ounce of interest in that formula 😂
That's fine with me, because I know he's getting full. But my question is how long do I let this go on? If he doesn't slow down in a week or so should I cut him back?
Here is our routine
Morning (7am) I offer 1 Henry's healthy block and a few of the "old" blocks (Kaytee picky eaters in the blue bag)
Around lunch time I offer some more blocks and give him a bowl of veggies off the pyramid
2-3pm I give him 10% of his weight in formula. I still weigh every day, sometimes every other but usually every day.
Bedtime I offer some more veggies and sometimes a sliver of grape, strawberry or orange. No fruit every day tho 🙂

He loves his blocks and veggies. He has no problem eaten them and he seems to be eating enough so I'm a little confused why he's still so enthusiastic about milk time. I will not stop giving it to him until he's ready to wean, just curious what others have experience?