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Thread: subzero temps.

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    Default subzero temps.

    i have 3 little squirrels (wild), that are my sweethearts. they are about 4 months old. they all sleep in the same nest that is up in the beams of my buildings deck. it has excellent wind/snow coverage, and they have each other for body heat.

    Tonight is supposed to be -10F With a high of -2F tomorrow. i worry about them being warm enough. They have been through some nights that have been -5F but in the daytime its been 10 to 25F.

    Is there anything I can do to help them stay warm? I can put things through the slats of the deck, though due to its placement, Anything I put in wont be able to come out. That worries me if something gets wet and Im not able to remove/ replace it. I dont want to make things worse by putting fleece or something down there but I also definitely dont want them to freeze to death

    pleasssee help

  2. Serious fuzzy thank you's to madeesawn from:

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