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Thread: Biting feet.

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    Default Biting feet.

    Does anyone elseís squirrel go after your feet obsessively. Ever since mine was a baby sheís been crazy about going sneakily after my feet, ankles, hands delivering a bite, and running away. It comes on and off at different times. I think itís a bit of a game for her as she usually doesnít bite. What Iím wondering is; is this normal behavior or aggression. She loved pets and snuggles but also biting.

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    Default Re: Biting feet.

    It is a very common thing for squirrels to go after your toes, especially if they are polished. They look like nuts or treats. Squirrels love to play rough and if you don't want her to go after your hands, don't use them to play with her. Use a stuffy instead, or even a favorite blankie, to "chase" and roll around with her.

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    Default Re: Biting feet.

    Yes they love toes/feet scratch and nibble 😒
    Even when I wear flip flops, so I usually wear slippers or shoes....just make sure you do the "squirrel shuffle "
    Kinda like the electric slide so you don't step on anybody. I'm so use to the shuffle I find myself doing it even when they are all put up 🙄 😅
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