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Thread: Crying 4 month old male

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    Default Crying 4 month old male

    My 4 month old male squirrel, Clyde, seems to cry and bury himself in his hammock when the weather is gloomy, rainy or stormy. The crying is heartbreaking. He seems fine when the weather clears up. Can anyone explain this behavior?

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    my baby (wild) does this too!!! he would not come out of his nest for 2 days of his first ever snow, though he would cry at me every time i walked by. i was terribly worried he might be sick or otherwise, and i have no way of getting to the nest to help him if he were. i was googling for hours, even called the wildlife rehab, and was up all night out of concern.

    since then he has gotten a little more used to it, and will definitely come out if he's hungry enough!

    i don't think its anything to worry about, but his sad little chirps are almost enough to make me bring him inside for a slumber party

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