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Thread: Rehoming 3-yr. old Squirrel in Central FL

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    Default Rehoming 3-yr. old Squirrel in Central FL

    Hello, all! I've been reading TSB for a few years now and just remade an account as it seems my old account was deleted.

    I've been having a dilemma for sometime regarding a squirrel I've cared for three years now. His name is Cashew, an eastern gray squirrel, and I rescued him in November of 2018. He was injured on a sidewalk near a busy street in Orlando with no mother in sight. Once he was properly rehydrated and cleaned up, I attempted the following days to reunite him with his mother in the area where I found him with no luck. I had gathered based off of information from numerous sources (including The Squirrel Board) that he was about 6-7 weeks old. He's been with me ever since.

    I've planned release efforts numerous times to get him back into the wild, but they have fallen through for a number of reasons. I'm afraid now that he's over-socialized and that I don't personally have the resources to give him a safe release. My upcoming living situation has changed somewhat drastically and I am no longer able to hold onto him much longer than a month.

    This is a very difficult decision as I love him very much. He is my best friend. I've done the best I can to ensure that he lives a safe and comfortable life, but I know he needs more than that. He is very active and in great health, and I have no doubt he would thrive in the wild if given the appropriate opportunity.

    I have reached out to a few rehabbers with very little luck. I am looking to rehome Cashew near Central Florida with somebody who has the space to begin his release process, if possible.

    Any input anybody has to offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Here are a few photos of Cashew for reference:

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