I have had my rescue since she was 3.5 weeks old and she is now 8 months. She has always been super friendly and playful with both my daughter and I. The last couple months I’ve had to spend a lot of extra time working therefore my daughter has spent the majority of the time with her.
We have noticed that, as I am usually the one who will bring her in treats and I used to hand feed her them, I had to stop and bring in a treat to place on the sill for her to take herself as each time she sees me, she runs over to my hands now for food. Recently, for some reason even when there hasn’t been a treat in my hand, when she sees them she will do a little pounce, scratch (mainly from the pounce) and let out a “rrrrrr” sound at me. It’s only when she sees my hands and never did this before. Meanwhile, she will lay on my daughter and nap, let her play with her and play wrestle- (I used to be able to do the same type of play) and I am sure that part of this is the bond she developed with her while I was working extra time. Also- as good as she is with my daughter, when she comes home from work smelling like fruit (she works at a smoothie shop), our girl is semi aggressive to her (it’s the only time she is) even when she showers and changes her clothes. Is she possibly going through puberty this early? Can you offer me any advice to stop the pouncing at my hands?