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    Default Squirrel loosing hair

    Good morning and happy holidays to all!

    I have a squirrel that I raised and released return for 'help'. She appeared about 3 weeks ago with two circular wounds which I thought might have been caused by bots. When she came down the tree towards me at the time of her return, her feet seemed to have a hard time grabbing the bark. I obtained info from a rehabilitator at that time, suggesting the trouble with her feet might have been caused by the bot pressing against her spine. The issue with her feet now seems to have been resolved.

    However, when she returned 3 weeks ago she has a small bald patch on her right shoulder. That patch grew fairly quickly and she also lost hair in the same area on her left side. We treated her with Ivermectin for mange, but the hair loss is continuing. It now has also affected the right side of her head and face. As she was scratching the affected areas furiously, I started applying Gentian Violet which brought her great relief. My concern is that the hair loss is continuing even after 2 dosages of Ivermectin. The affected areas do not look scabby, so I am wondering whether this might be something else?

    Could you please advise?
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