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Thread: Interested in Rehabbing (in North TX)

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    Default Interested in Rehabbing (in North TX)

    Hi, I live in North Texas, and want to know how I can start rehabbing baby squirrels. I had been thinking about this for years. Back in 2010, I raised 2 baby fox squirrels who's mom was killed by a cheetah at the Dallas Zoo. I raise goats for milk, and would love to share the milk with adorable baby squirrels!
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    Default Re: Interested in Rehabbing (in North TX)

    It’s always nice to see someone else with an interest in rehabbing baby squirrels.

    My recommendation would be to search the internet site that lists licensed rehabbers near you. I’d make some phone calls to them and see if any of them are interested in adding you to their license as a sub-permittee. They will probably require some sort of training and will have to see what your cage setup is like to be sure you are following rehab protocol, but it shouldn’t be too involved. If you make calls now you can get prepared for spring baby season and be a help to a rehabber in a few months.

    Please keep us updated. We’re always looking for rehab resources in Texas.

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