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Thread: Bald Spots. Ringworm? Mites?

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    Default Bald Spots. Ringworm? Mites?

    Hi. My name is Vicky & my 5 yr old rescue failure is Boo. In Sept 2020, Boo became very ill & was diagnosed with congestive heart failure/pneumonia. He presently still takes Lasix BID. On a trip to the vet in Oct 2021, I noticed that he was missing a top tooth & his 2 bottoms were nubs, which explained his diminished eating. I believe he has odontoma, but he will never be a candidate for diagnosis because he cannot be sedated because of his heart. So, he was on Lasix & Baytril, & then the one bald spot showed up. I thought it might be ringworm & I used prescription strength ketaconazole on the spot. Saw no difference at all. About a month ago, I started Boo on Metacam for mouth pain & he does appear to feel A LOT better. So, now the other day Iíve noticed that he has many spots, not all as round, that have lost all the fur. If it were ringworm, I find it hard to believe that I wouldnít have it because I hold him a lot. He cuddles on my neck. I just canít believe that I wouldnít have it after all of this time.
    So, any ideas? Try Revolution maybe for mites? At 1st I thought it may be mites because when he became deathly ill in Sept/Oct of this year, I found him curled up laying in an area of his cage that he rarely ever goes to. And for that reason, I donít change the paper & wood chips that often. So, maybe mites? I get that fungus is self-limiting in healthy squirrels, but he isnít healthy. Ideas? Iíve scoured all your threads, but no one ever comes back & says what ideas actually worked! If youíve read my novel all the way to the end, Boo & I thank you!
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