3 days ago my cat brought in a southern flying squirrel. It was lifeless but alive. I examined it well and didn't find any breaks in the skin. I determined it to be cold and scared. I applied some topical antibiotic to the areas the cat saliva was just in case there was a break in the skin I didn't find. I didn't administer any orally since I did not know how sensitive these guys were to antibiotics and being almost 100% sure no skin was broken. I then put it in a secure container with blankets to warm it and planned on releasing it back into my yard in the morning if it was still alive. during the night I determined it probably was a bay and would do well if just released in the morning. The next morning it was alive and alert. I weighed it and it was 36.6 grams. Research told me this was a 6 week old and too young to be on its own. That morning I gave it some apple which it eagerly ate. By that night, 24 hours into having it I had goats milk and it also eagerly ate about 10cc of that within 24 hours. It also ate more apple during that 24 hours, this being the 24 hours after I weighed it in at 36.6 and the second day of having it. I weighed her last night the third night expecting it had gained weight and it had lost almost 3 grams. This is 10% of its body weight in 36 hours. I was shocked because its been eating well and very alert. It was bed time and I had not planned on feeding it over night since it ate so much throughout the day but changed my mind when I saw the weight loss. I fed her through the night. 1cc of goats milk at a time with it drinking a total of 6ccs in 8 hours. I also provided apple, grapes and coconut in it's enclosure and almost all of that was eaten throughout the night. this morning it weighed 36.1 only a half gram short of the weight 48 hours ago. I have two concerns. What are the risk of diarrhea with this much food? is this much weight loss detrimental or could be considered normal with the trauma it endured? I would like opinions if I should keep up the around the clock feeding until there is steady daily weight gain or if that is going to cause diarrhea and even more of a set back? How much weight gain should I be aiming for daily? I appreciate any help. I have no knowledge of squirrels before my cat brought this one in.
Also, the squirrel has been mostly in a bonding pouch on my chest to keep it warm. I would like opinions on if this is the best or would it do better alone in an enclosure. It doesn't seemed stressed being carried around with me but definitely doesn't care for me to pick it up.
Any input at all would be very appreciated. I know little creatures can go down fast without the right treatment.