Actually this will be life threatening IF I can not find a medication that is here in Costa Rica
and easily administered.

Rama Rota will be 12yrs Dec 9th. Lives in Costa Rica - limited resources.

He has had sinus infections off and on for yrs due to Odontoma.

Recent test results - Serratia marcescens -- is the bacteria.

Results for medications antibiotics -- has any one ever used any of these meds? Know
a squirrel vet who can advise ? ? ? Can't do injections. Thanks so much. RamaMama

Serratia marcescens

Amikacina -S
Ampicilina -R
Ampicilina/sulbactam -R
Aztreonam -S
Cefazolina -R
Cefepime -S
Cefotaxime -S
Cefoxitin -R
Ceftazidime -S
Ceftriaxone -S
Cefuroxime - Sodio -R
Ciprofloxacina -R
Ertapenem -S
Gentamicina -S
Levofloxacina -R
Meropenem -S
Piperacilina/tazobactam -S
Tetraciclina -R
Tobramicina -S
Trimetropim/Sulfa -R