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Thread: Eating Sunseed bedding

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    Default Eating Sunseed bedding

    Hi everyone! I've been on this forum looking for answers for weeks but just decided to make an account so I could post my own question!

    Baby Elliot is 10 weeks old and is learning to play and eat solid food. He is eating the rodent blocks well and we are cutting back formula! I'm so proud of his recovery!!

    However, I decided to add some recycled newspaper bedding to his environment tonight and was glad he loved it so much but he's been frantically eating the little newspaper pellets and I took it all out as I don't want them to grow in his belly and cause harm.

    The brand I got is Sunseed "Fresh World Pet Bedding" it's non toxic, unbleached, and dust free but I worry the pellets will make him sick if he keeps eating them? Has anyone experienced this with their babies? Is it safe for him to have this or was I right to take it out? I'd really like for him to have some bedding other than blankets and fleece because he LOVED digging and rolling around in it. I just don't want him to get hurt or worse by eating it like he was.

    Any advice is appreciated by us! Thanks for being such a great group of people ❤

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    Default Re: Eating Sunseed bedding

    You were smart to remove it. Eating a product that is not a food source could definitely cause harm. There might be soy in the pellets. Squirrels chew some car electrical wires because the manufacturers use soy in the plastic wire coating.

    Try switching to unbleached, uncolored Care Fresh bedding. You can find it in most big box pet stores. Itís made for rats, bunnies and hamsters. Many folks have used it with no adverse effects.

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