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    My neighbor got some peanut shells in his pool filter so we set out giant rat traps and kill the mother squirrel. The nest over my house had two babies in it and they jumped out of the tree for about 40 feet up. They were only about 2 weeks old. I brought them in, wash them in Dawn, started rehydrating them with salt and sugar water. Proceeded to give them puppy milk. Sylvester didn't last long due to some internal bleeding from his fall. I had Samantha for 3 months and she was awesome. She played with me like a cat.
    Yesterday morning everything was fine or so I thought. I left to visit my mom in 3 hours later I came home and Samantha was dead with a little blood coming out of her nose. I don't understand why, but I feel a great sense of loss. I will miss her

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    I am so sorry for the loss of your girl. It is very odd to lose a squirrel like that. What formula did you feed her? Could she have bitten an electrical cord. Thank you for trying.
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