The background:
- 3 weeks ago nest blew down from TALL tree in my yard. One baby fell with nest cushion and lived. Was put out near the tree at dusk/dark for 3 days but mom didn't return.

-baby was started on Esbilac goat milk powder 1:3 with water. Gradually switched to 1:2 ratio of that and now switched to Fox Valley 20/50 four days ago.
-complete diva about nursing- frequent, persistent feeding trances after every 2 drops until near end of feeding.
-SO wiggly. Wants to crawl all over during feeding.

-Eyes opened 1 week ago
-not gaining weight well for last week or so. Only 12-14 grams. Slightly rough coat.

-urinated well until 2 days ago.
-has never defecated well. Scant, infrequent. Was originally dark but now normal color. BUT only going every 1-2 DAYS.
- Have tried unflavored pedialyte and homemade rehydration in between feedings to help with potential constipation.
-Have tried warm water bath with abdominal massage.
-occasional simethicone if guts looked "bubbly"

- I have been alternating rehydration fluid and formula but now VERY concerned about lack of stool since 2 days ago!!
Do I skip formula and only do rehydration until he poops?? How long can I withhold formula?