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Thread: 5(ish) week old Flying squirrel- not pooping

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    Exclamation 5(ish) week old Flying squirrel- not pooping

    The background:
    - 3 weeks ago nest blew down from TALL tree in my yard. One baby fell with nest cushion and lived. Was put out near the tree at dusk/dark for 3 days but mom didn't return.

    -baby was started on Esbilac goat milk powder 1:3 with water. Gradually switched to 1:2 ratio of that and now switched to Fox Valley 20/50 four days ago.
    -complete diva about nursing- frequent, persistent feeding trances after every 2 drops until near end of feeding.
    -SO wiggly. Wants to crawl all over during feeding.

    -Eyes opened 1 week ago
    -not gaining weight well for last week or so. Only 12-14 grams. Slightly rough coat.

    -urinated well until 2 days ago.
    -has never defecated well. Scant, infrequent. Was originally dark but now normal color. BUT only going every 1-2 DAYS.
    - Have tried unflavored pedialyte and homemade rehydration in between feedings to help with potential constipation.
    -Have tried warm water bath with abdominal massage.
    -occasional simethicone if guts looked "bubbly"

    - I have been alternating rehydration fluid and formula but now VERY concerned about lack of stool since 2 days ago!!
    Do I skip formula and only do rehydration until he poops?? How long can I withhold formula?

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    Default Re: 5(ish) week old Flying squirrel- not pooping

    Not an expert. Do research and ask more knowledgeable people than me.

    My baby grey squirrel only had one turd a day and was bloating up. Hydration and a q tip did no good.

    Mixing a little bit of a whole vanilla (couldnt find unflavored) yougurt with the Acidophilus culture inot the fox valley formula made her poo all the back logged turds each time. I would just be sitting there with the a tip rubbing and they came out like a choo choo train. Careful warming it up compared to just the formula though, the yogurt foams up quickly when warmed. She drank it down just fine. She might have actually preferred it.

    Thus was my one experience with a grey squirrel. What may not be right for you. It did save Sandys life though.

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    Default Re: 5(ish) week old Flying squirrel- not pooping

    Do you have a weight on this baby?
    What are you feeding with?
    How much, how often?
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    Default Re: 5(ish) week old Flying squirrel- not pooping

    and.......they disappear.
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