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    When do you guys graduate from a small plastic tote to a large cage? My rescue Fox squirrel just opened his eyes last Friday (Oct 29th), so I am assuming he is going on 5-6 weeks old. Ive noticed that in the last couple of days, he is awake more, and wants to venture out and explore. I have a 44 tall cage coming that I purchased online that I should receive in a couple of days. Any help would be appreciated!

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    We actually step up the containers gradually. I start in a small bin and then graduate to a large RubberMaid type bin with holes in the lid of course. After that I go to a low profile cage. This helps them adjust to climbing without the risk of falling in a tall cage. The one I use is called a flight cage. They go in this at about 8 weeks.
    This is the first cage I use. It is just one example. There are many options.

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    We do a 5 gallon aquarium with a mesh wire top partly covered with a t-shirt when incubating, a plastic bottom with high sides cage usually used for rats or parakeets and adapted for squirrels, and finally, the taller grow out enclosure (critter nation double, large ferret cage with narrow spaced bars, or equivalent).

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