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Thread: Possible UTI? / Heat ? Please Help!

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    Question Possible UTI? / Heat ? Please Help!

    I have a female who is almost a year old, her poor genital area is swollen and is hard to the touch, she's often licking it and sometimes seem to squirm when I hold her. Not sure if in heat or UTI, but it has been hard for a week now and I seen that heat was not that long.... I'm not sure what to do for her? Please help. She is still eating and drinking good, and running around during the day. She can urinate too because I still find little wet spots on the tray, but it is SO swollen and hard to the touch. I just feel its been going on too long and since squirrels are good at hiding issues, Im petrified she will suddenly pass. Idk if it is UTI, or an issue with estrus? She does not have a mate either... She is my first squirrel, and this is her first winter and would be first heat (If its that?) I went and got her some cranberries to nibble, but they only had dried ones in stock though she doesn't seem to mind. She likes zucchini, squash, and pecans, walnuts, and broccoli w/ cauliflower. She just seems like she doesn't feel good every now and then, laying down and just looking around at times and has started to go to bed a little earlier. Do I need to intervene? AB? Or anything ?

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    Default Re: Possible UTI? / Heat ? Please Help!

    It is not really the time of year for estrus and you are right, that only lasts days.

    It is always good to start with diet. If you could provide as a complete info on her diet, it would be most helpful in narrowing down what the issue might be. Does she get any rodent block? Formula? How many nuts per day? Etc.

    Does she have underlying health issues or injuries that prevent her from being released?

    Do you have any antibiotics on hand.. and if so, what (name and strength)? If she has an UTI we'll be bale to help determine if any antibiotics you may have will be helpful, and if so assist with dosing instructions.

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