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Thread: Healthy foods - serving sizes?

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    Question Healthy foods - serving sizes?

    My 10-week old is beginning to self ween, it appears. She is accepting formula (FV 20/50) less and less these days, only eating about half of her measured formula ferociously and then refusing the rest (except for her bedtime feeding, which she still usually completes). She gets a couple of Henry’s blocks each day — a Picky Block in the morning (after trying formula) and a Healthy Block in the afternoon.

    I have the Healthy Foods chart and want to begin introducing these veggies and other goodies, but I’m wondering if there are serving sizes to take into consideration other than “freely”, “limited” and “avoid”, since everything so far in our journey has been so precisely measured out.

    Would be great if I had an reason to keep using this gram scale I bought, even after she is weened!

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    Default Re: Healthy foods - serving sizes?

    I have the exact same questions as you. My 11 week old Zoomie still loves her formula in the am and bedtime but is also loving her new foods. She also gets Henry’s blocks in the am and in the evening. She seems hungry all the time but being inside until we can try spring release, I don’t want her getting overweight either. Serving size suggestions and how often to put that food out would be great. Thanks all.

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    Default Re: Healthy foods - serving sizes?

    I’ve never had to precisely measure any food I’ve given any squirrels I’ve rehabbed because they rarely eat it all. I throw away a lot…which is okay because I know they’ve eaten what they want.

    But to help you with amounts and feeding timings I can say that some rehabbers offer leafy greens in the morning after a block. These would be the type vegetables that don’t keep well and wilt quickly….Kale, Spring mix, watercress, endive, escarole, romaine, etc. you could also include some broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage in the morning mix. I would put a small handful per squirrel of whatever leafy greens you’re feeding and then a couple pieces of the other veggies.

    Late afternoon feedings, after their block, can be any other veggies like squash, sweet potato, broccoli or cauliflower again, and a piece or two of fruit. I think the general size folks use is a 1/2”x 1/2” square…or the size of a thumbnail for each item. These veggies tend to not wilt and can remain overnight if necessary.

    Im going to look and see if I can find a photo that was posted years ago by a member of her serving dish of vegetables. If I find it I’ll post it.

    Also, you can leave other rodent block in the cage at all times for free feeding. I recommend Envigo Harlan Teklad 2018 or 2014 or Mazuri rodent block. That way if they’re hungry in between meals they have something to eat.

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    Default Re: Healthy foods - serving sizes?

    .I typically do two 1" x 1" squares of the dense veggies and fruits PER SQUIRREL. Sometimes less if it's a very sweet fruit like pear or apple
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    Default Re: Healthy foods - serving sizes?

    I also have a singleton male grey who self weaned quite early. He is super active and eats blocks without issue. He behaved in much the same manner, excited for his "bottle" before refusing to drink it. We just kept giving him Healthy Blocks to nibble, plus high calcium vegetables, wild foods, and Cheerios. Jimmy just hit the 11 week mark (estimated), and I was the second rehabber to take him after another local lady ended up with 11 in one day, plus her other rescues. Me and some other experienced local rehabbers took some to lighten her load, but Jimmy was a singleton of unknown history. Honestly, I think he watches the older squirrel in the next cage and wants to be a big boy too, eating solid foods. They're not wholly unlike human children in so many ways, haha. Jimmy is also a great "tattletale," and during out of cage, free roam time, he will rifle through Joe's cage for hidden stashes while Joe carries a single prize all over the room to hide (poorly) in different spots. Jimmy will then retrace Joe's steps and "forage."

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