We’re pretty messed up here. We only had him for 12 days, but at least he had 10 good ones he wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t found him.

I talked to our vet on the phone yesterday evening. He doesn’t work with wildlife, but is great with pocket pets. From my description he agreed it might be a calcium deficiency, but also possibly Vitamin D deficiency. I was going to go out this morning and get something he suggested for that.

We’ve had all sorts of small animal pets that we’ve lost over the last 30 years or so - gerbils, degus, hamsters, rabbits, and a whole lot of ferrets. Still have a couple of guinea pigs. But never had to care for babies before. This one is going to be difficult to get over. I even built him a large pre-release cage and a little tree nesting house, but he never got to use them.

Again, appreciate the help.