Briefly, we have a young red that we found lying in the street about 10 days ago. Very poor condition. No local rehabbers available. We did the research and the food/housing is as recommended, and he recovered well.

Best guess, about 5 1/2 weeks old now. Up until yesterday he was doing well. Eating, active, gaining weight. Was at 38 grams a week ago, now at 54 grams. Climbing and exploring.

Last night he refused formula, and at one point he almost fell over and laid there for a bit. Then he got up after a few minutes, ate about 3-4ccs and was back to being active.

But he hadnít eaten since (18 hours or so, previously was eating every 3-4 hours), and this morning had another brief episode where he seemed to lose balance and lie on his side. Not sleeping, just laying there. Got up again shortly, but not as active as he was earlier in the week. Heís urinating and producing small stools.