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Thread: Looking for safe effective antibiotic

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    I'll send you the rest of the info by PM should you want to use the mini measuring spoons.

    I would ask your vet whether adding a probiotic with prebiotic could promote seizure activity. For though this soil based probiotic doesn't contain a sugar as some other sources do (Fructooligoscarides for one) using one of the sources that include sugar prebiotics might potentially promote seizure activity. In either case, please ask your squirrel expert vet.

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    An update on squirrel:

    Continuing to give .35ml of Metacam once a day and seems to be tolerating it well.

    Eating and drinking normally, good appetite.

    Seems to feel good, even engaging in play at times.

    Interacts with me when she's not spinning and circling.

    Active but running in circles / spinning in place much of the time. Seems to come in spells and at times not at all. She will stop to investigate something, eat and drink, run from the room to the screened porch, climb to the top of her cage to rest.

    She only produces urine in small squirts and amounts. I usually find a substantial puddle of urine on the floor daily but that has not occurred in several days / week.

    I am waiting for a recommended probiotic to arrive.

    Will post future updates. I appreciate everybody's suggestions.

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