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Thread: Help! possible aspiration in 5 week old EGS

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    Default Help! possible aspiration in 5 week old EGS

    HELP ME YALL! am worried that i accidentaly gave my baby too much milk and some went and immediately turned him upside down to let the milk drain out and after a few seconds he was fine. can still see a little milk around his mose but its a tiny tiny amounrt. how soon after does the clicking start and then what do o need to do to savwe my baby? He is an 5 weel old baby EGS.

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    Default Re: Help! possible aspiration in 5 week old EGS

    Just because they get too much formula and it comes out the nose, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will get aspiration pneumonia. It would have to get into the lungs. Watch for signs of aspiration pneumonia which are clicking, lethargy and loss of appetite.

    I would recommend that you try to find an antibiotic just in case. The best antibiotics would be Ciprofloxacin or Baytril. You could also use doxycycline or Septra (SMZ/TMP). Ask family and friends if they have left over antibiotics. It only takes one pill. Let us know what you can fine.

    We would need the mg of the pill and the weight of the baby.

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