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    Hello all.

    First time squirrel momma here so please forgive any ignorance I may have.
    I have been diligent with following all of the strict guidelines of properly raising this baby I am raising. She is about 7-8 weeks.
    A few questions I have:
    1. When do I move her from her current container? (she is in everything Henryís Pet guide recommends)
    2. Iíve seen there are cage phases. Could someone specify what those phases should be at what age?
    3. I have located this cage. It isnít horizontal bars which is a concern of mine. Is this a no go bc of the vertical bars?
    4. Any link recommendations for cages? I know a lot of people build theirs, I do not trust my craftsmanship to do that.

    Thank you all in advance!!
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