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    Question Bald Spot/Hair Loss

    Hi first time posting. Little bit my pet grey squirrel is starting to get a bald spot on his head. Not red or crusty just loss of hair. He is on Henry's blocks and nuts. He is 21 weeks old. He got a little spoiled and refused to eat the blocks and would only eat nuts. He refuses to eat vegetables. I offer them everyday. I had to clean out is hoard of nuts and he has for the last 2-3 weeks been eating his blocks again. I only give him 2-3 shelled nuts a day now and only after her has eaten his 3 Henry blocks. He gets 1 block in the morning with spring mix salad (refuses to eat any of the salad mix) 1 block at lunch time and 1 block before bed. 2-3 shelled nuts in the evening. Is he molting for winter or it it a nutrition issue. I do not have a light for him as I was under the impression that the Henry's Blocks offered him all the Vit. D needed.
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