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Please refresh my memory: How much and how often are you feeding? How many total feedings per day? How long does he go between feedings at night?
Thank you again. You have been so helpful!
He is on his 33rd formula. But Iíve been very careful with the transition. Making sure itís not sudden. Mixing 1/3 up to full over the course of a day.
He eats 3cc (moved him up to 3.5cc this evening) at 6:30am then every 3 to 4 hours. Last feeding is at about 11pm. So average 6 feedings but sometimes itís 7. The water between feedings has made the schedule a little wonky. He sure does hate being woken up for water. He has a 7 hour stretch at night. His poop has been so much better today. It holds together but still soft.
Thank you!