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    Hello, I live in Colorado and recently needed help for my baby squirrel. To research, I had looked at old forums and realized not many people get answers for help in this area regarding rehabilitation centers.
    If a squirrel is older and relatively healthy, you can take him to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, located in Longmont, CO (80503); Phone number 303-823-8455
    This is good for older squirrels that are relatively healthy. THEY WILL EUTHANIZE A SQUIRREL THAT IS TOO SICK OR TOO YOUNG. ALWAYS CALL FIRST
    For a very young or sick squirrel, you can take him to Rocky Mountain WildHeart, located in Colorado Springs, CO (80916); Phone number 719-460-6455 (able to be texted). THEY ARE A LONG-TERM CARE FACILITY THAT DOES NOT EUTHANIZE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. They do take babies and are the SAFEST option in Colorado.
    Also I would like to note that anyone in Colorado should be very very weary of taking their squirrel to the vet as most will EUTHANIZE or RELEASE without any medical care. So itís best to call first if youíre desperate, but do NOT take the baby there without being 100% confident, because they can and will take them without their best interest in mind.
    When in doubt, go with your gut and give your baby the best chance at life that you can.

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