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    Hi there!

    Rehabbed for about 1.5 years in Nampa Idaho. We recently lost our founder of AID Animals in Distress (heartbreaking).....

    I’ve only rehabbed squirrels as of yet. I’ve done the locals and recently rehabbed two sets o pine squirrels and boy are hey full of it pines and Douglas fir pines. Lots of fun to be had there....

    Right now I have a squirrel about 5 months of age that was found in an alley and there’s just no telling what happened to him. I start out with warm water and keeping him warm for the first couple days. Then I start him slowly on concentrated mixture of fox valley formula for squirrels. Over the past 5 days he seems to be improving slowly. He has what looks like a possible soft tissue trauma just above his left hip. Today, he seems to be feeling more uncomfortable and feeling less like eating. I wondered if he could feel better with a couple days of Motrin to see if it helps the swelling /inflammation and pain......I have been icing the area for about 5min here and here but honestly was afraid of doing that too much because I wan him to stay warm. So then I’d warm up the rice socks. Haha....I have no idea on safe dosages.

    Suggestions? Dosage recommendations?

    Thank so much!
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