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    Good morning all!
    I am new to this site and need some help. I rescued a little guy yesterday. I hydrated him and everything was going fine. I gave him some puppy formula and he seemed so happy and hungry. This morning he is doing this clacking sound. Could it be pneumonia? What can I do???

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    If it is you need an antibiotic.
    I copied this from another thread .....

    Below is a more complete list of symptoms of aspiration pneumonia.

    1. Lethargic (inactive)
    2. Difficult/labored breathing or rapid breathing or slow breathing and/or open mouth breathing
    3. Rapid heartbeat
    4. Fever or Chills
    5. Pale, bluish to dark purple skin from a lack of oxygen (Look at lips and pads of feet)
    6. Nasal discharge
    7. Sweet or foul smelling breath
    8. Wheezing, crackling, or*clicking*sounds when inhaling and/or exhaling
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    Is it nonstop? On inhale and exhale? Hold him to your ear. Is the sound coming from the chest or his mouth/throat?

    They make a LOT of little smacks and other mouth noises.

    What did you feed him with? Did he choke or gasp and sputter while eating?

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