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    FDA Database:

    List and names of various leafy greens found to not supply calcium in rats; a must read.


    Since the referenced research journal was published, that shows that vegetatables then tested at this time were found to have positive Calcium to oxalate acid ratios; this is of relavence because when the level of oxalic acid that bonds readily with calcium carbonate found in vegetation sources noted in Kohmans 1939 research study, still provided calcium to rats. Yet since this time our cultivate soils have dropped and oxalic acid levels have risen as a result of various changes in farming practices, includingn the use of nitrogen based fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide use, and GMO that were since introduced to farming. As a result, most of the vegetation sources listed in the Kohman study then tested in 1930, no longer have a positive Calcum to oxalic acid ratio. And though they are not a hazard to health as those noted in the list above, they all the same no longer provide calcium for the most part to the body of rodents, even so they are higher in calcium than phosphorus. This confirmed in many research studies in both these vegetables sources since the tiem of Kohman's research was done.

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