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Thread: half a tail missing???

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    Default half a tail missing???

    I just had a co worker walk up to me and told me that he has seen a squirrel in his back yard that looks like it only has half a tail. He doesnt know what happened to it, but when I asked him if he saw anything else unusual he said beside the missing tail it looks healthy. He wanted to know if Squirrels are kinda like lizzards that drop there tail when in danger ... or if a squirrel w/ only half a tail can still be as agile and quick up and down the trees as a "complete" squirrel. I adviced him to keep an eye on it and see how it does, but I thought I come here and check on it anyway. Is there anything in specific he should watch for? ( I'd asked about bite marks, but he said there nothing else looking wrong with that little fellow )


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    They can lose them in a variety of ways, it's such a thin bone there it can get bitten right off! I have four squirrels with short tails, one of them so short I call him stubby. The only one I know for sure had a full (beautiful ) tail before was my Zag. Then one day she came with a short tail and a little bone stub that turned black and fell off. But all of them are just as agile and squirrelly as their full tailed friends. So if this guy is acting fine then he is fine.
    It could've been a lucky escape from a hawk, a cat or even gotten bitten off in a fight with another squirrel.

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    Yeah, what Mrs. Jack said.

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    Thank you guys ... n gals of course!!!!

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