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Thread: My squirrel is going to die without help

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    Default My squirrel is going to die without help

    I just went and lost everything i posted !!
    I am a past member and i have a Northern glying squirrel thst is around 3 yrs old now and I've had him since he still had his eyes closed !! We have no vets anywhere around and happen to have Camplin/Ampi 500 .... They were in spanish and we are assuming 500 is mg....we would like to know how much water to dilute it in and what would the dosage be.
    He had something that seemed to be bothering the right side of his face that he kept rubbing on everything he could...burries himself in his bedding ...then within 2 days has lost aprox 2/3rds his weight and almost all his belly fur !
    Any helpful input is very much appreciated
    Thank you

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    Default Re: My squirrel is going to die without help

    In order to dose meds, the weight of the squirrel needs to be known. Maybe you can post the label of the medication since assuming 500mg might be a bad thing.

    Generally speaking, we avoid using ampicillin to treat squirrels. And I am not sure we know what we are treating from the description or is antibiotics would be helpful.

    Can you post pictures of him?

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