Hi-I joined this forum specifically just to ask a single question. I have a red squirrel living on my farm. I enjoy his/her antics immensely. A few minutes ago I watched as she scurried along a fence top with something in her mouth. Perhaps an inch, or so, long and oblong in shape. Brown in color I think. Not more than 2 feet in front of her a female blue jay ? hopped haltingly. Periodically pausing. The squirrel hopped almost in unison with her. They would both pause for a moment and then carry on. It almost looked as if the squirrel was chasing the bird. But tentatively. It was weird. If the squirrel had stolen something from the bird their positions would have been reversed. I couldn't understand what was going on.

Once they reached a tree I couldn't see what happened. I think that I saw the squirrel scrambling amongst the branches but I lost sight of the bird. Maybe this is a silly post but I had never seen anything like it and I've been around for what feels like centuries. Any thoughts?