I posted this on another part of the board but I haven’t gotten any answers so I figured I would post it in this category as well sorry for the duplicate!!

I have a question, I read on the forums that our squirrels should have natural outdoor sunlight daily or UVB/UVA lights on top of the cage. I have had Murphy since 4 week. She is now just over 12 weeks. She took herself off formula at 9 weeks, then we got her to eat it again about 7 days later with heavy cream and honey as directed by Henry’s Healthy Pets. Before this, I never added heavy cream to the Esbilac (concern number 1). Then, Murphy took herself off formula again another week later. So not having it again after 11 weeks. I have had her on Henry’s high protein blocks for almost a month, (she gets 2-3 a day) along with the Tekland blocks and fresh veggies and some fruit as a treat. She has only had sunlight through a window which is filtered so not really what she needs-so I ordered lights for her that are the Repti-Sun 10, for the top of her cage that is a bit over 5 feet tall. When I spoke to Leigh today to see if I should start her on a calcium supplement because now I am worried and her lights just came in today, she said I don’t need to worry and I should return the lights to get my money back as she is on 2-3 blocks a day. Can anyone advise on their opinions or experiences? Also, she chewed her plastic cage shelves badly in one spot- I was told to get metal covers for them?