I am new to posting and appreciate any help and guidance. I am a licensed rehabber in Des Moines, Iowa but, my knowledge is limited to what I have researched, read, and gleaned from another out of state rehabber via phone council. I have not taken any formal classes and do not have medical training. I have had one successful rehab and release, one rehab who is a NR and now....a situation I am struggling with. I received a text about a squirrel in need in our city. There had been a storm, although not violent, shortly before. We found the squirrel sprawled on the sidewalk, soaking wet, head craned to one side. She did not move when we approached but was alive. We brought her home got her in warm water, blew her dry on low, and began rehydration. There was one mild abrasion on her upper leg, though did not appear severe. The neck situation was extremely concerning. The next morning I got her to the vet. Raccoon Roundworm was ruled out, an x-ray was performed and showed no broken bones. The vet assessed most likely a fall, neurological damage. Pupils were checked but the vet had a difficult time discerning the condition of her vision. I have not found a vet other than her in my area who is willing to treat squirrels and she admits her knowledge is limited but, she is wonderful and caring. I am still unsure at this point if she is blind. I am thinking she is. She does seem to respond to sound in some ways. That day she exhibited no "squirrel behavior" she was docile, probably terrified. I have been treating her with Prednisone and Clavamox (in case of infection) since as prescribed. We are on day four of the treatment and I have witnessed no improvement other than behavioral. She is estimated to be between 9-11 weeks. Initially, I tired Esbliac which, I was relieved she took. Throughout the course of the last three days I have discovered she will take semi-soft (applesauce, peeled grapes, watermelon) as well as nuts. I have to hold them for her, a challenge. I wake her to give her medicine and feed any hydrate, when feeding she is active (squirming and such) besides that she sleeps. She "rolls" when disturbed in the direction of the head tilt. And is desperate to burrow under the fleece. It is gut wrenching to witness. She will eventually settle and I try and adjust her body so her body and head are somewhat aligned. She is eliminating. So......does anyone have ANY advice. Anything I can do to help? Do conditions like this ever work themselves out? As mentioned, I have one NR so I understand the commitment, that doesn't concern me but, I need to make sure I am doing everything and anything to help her, and I certainly don't want her to suffer. I keep hoping it's ear mites but, there is no discharge, no smell. In my heart believe it is neurological and I am unsure if this caused suffering for the animal. Does anyone have an experience with this? What can I do? At her next feeding I can try and get video and or photos....I believe there is a way to upload here? If any of you think it may be helpful.