Hello All, I'm finally registered! I'm a Molecular Biologist/Microbiologist conducting drug discovery to treat TB. I'm an animal lover and avid reader. So, about 6 wks ago a baby grey squirrel crawled up my husband's leg while he was working in the yard. We put a towel in our cat carrier with water and put him in there until nightfall, having read that the mom should come by nighttime. The baby followed my husband around the yard on and off, and the mom didn't come, so we are fostering him. We call him Nutz. Nutz has been doing wonderfully on Esbilac for 6 wks now, supplemented with Henry's Healthy Blocks and veggies and store-bought mushrooms; we estimate that he is about 12 -13 wks old. He lives in a big bird cage and sleeps in a ferret hammock at night (covered). During the day, he naps in his 3 favorite hanging plants in the screen room, which he has the run of all day. When he is old enough we plan to release him in the back yard. Everything was fine until 2 days ago. I noticed that his left eye looked slightly swollen and irritated. Now, both eyes are kind of gummy and he is sneezing. I don't know what to do. For the life of me, he looks like he has a common cold. He isn't clicking with his breathing, so I don't think that he has aspiration pneumonia. Nutz is still greedily taking his morning and evening bottle, but he isn't really eating any of the hard food, and was prior to this. I always collect fresh hibiscus flowers/shoots, moss, myrtle, and bamboo shoots for eating and his nest. Two days ago, I added fern leaves to the mix because they are soft. Could he be allergic to them? This morning I gave him a long bath with warm water to clean the milk off of him and to wash his eyes. He squeaked when I washed his left eye, so I'm guessing it's sore. Help! I don't know what to do! I do know that squirrels are very hardy, as last year a resident male showed up at the feeder with a neck abscess and a damaged eye. He lost the eye, but recovered all on his own; goodness knows that I don't know how he did it. Anybody have any ideas how to help, or do I need to? Thanks!