So, my baby has a chronic sinus infection and has to be on Baytril regularly. Note that this is not aspirational pneumonia, but pneumonia developing is a possibility if her infection gets out of control. The problem is that my vet is out of town for the week. I called on Friday because the infection is ramping up again and she called in a script for me to have delivered from an online pharmacy since she wouldn't be around to fill it.
The problem is that the pharmacy hasn't even shipped the medicine yet and she's already having trouble breathing. I had to give her Hydroxyzine (she is also prescribed this) and use a nebulizer for 10 min earlier just to give her some relief. I don't think I can afford to wait for her Baytril to show up. Can someone please PM me dosing for Cipro to use in the meantime?

It is 500mg (white, oval tablets) and my Cleo is 1 lb. Her typical Baytril dosing is .34 of the compounded oral version.

Also, I haven't had to rely on Cipro in years, so if there's anything else I might need to know about interactions, etc. please let me know. I'd prefer to not have to do this, but I have to catch this infection before it gets any worse