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Thread: Squirrel canít open/eat peanut

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    Default Squirrel canít open/eat peanut

    I have a wild squirrel (not a pet) that Iíve been feeding peanuts to for well over a year now. He usually takes 2 peanuts at a time, often taking 8 peanuts a day. Yesterday he was having trouble getting 2 peanuts in his mouth and only took one at a time (and only took 2 peanuts total). Today I gave him 1 peanut and he spent 20 minutes trying to crack it open but couldnít. I took some peanut pieces out of the shell and gave those to him but he couldnít eat those either. Heís a wild squirrel so of course I canít get a good look at his mouth to see whatís going on. Iím worried heís not able to eat anything at all and am wondering what I should do. Is there something soft I can feed so he wonít starve? Thanks for any advice.

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    The scariest scenario is a malocclusion where his upper teeth are unaligned with his lower incisors. Squirrels (and rodents) incisors are more similar to a hair than a tooth: They grow rapidly their entire lives. The upper teeth and the lower teeth normally align with one another and wear each other down.

    Pictures are the best way to try to ascertain if this is the problem with your friend.

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    Default Re: Squirrel canít open/eat peanut

    Quote Originally Posted by KJP View Post
    Is there something soft I can feed so he wonít starve? Thanks for any advice.

    This is a list of many food items that you can try giving him. If you give the winter squash or sweet potato cook them first, microwave is fine. Also pay attention to those items that should be avoided.

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