Accidently found this, squirreling with Google, using squirrel as an adjective.
Wife and i have successfully cared for infant squirrels 3 different times and wild bird babies about 3 times too, including a Great Barn Owl. The baby Blue Jay demanded constant care. We released it up into some mature oak trees and it wanted us to come up after it. The Owl was the most thrilling. But our last baby Squirrel eventually sought to teach me how to be a proper squirrel and come join the squad. I'm 150 pounds and agile, but have not done trees for 30 years. If there is a place to tell the highlights of a year and a half with a squirrel, i hope to do that. Its eyes were open when we started and it liked what we were feeding...
I have been an answer man on Yahoo Answers and Quora lately too. Constantly observing birds and bees, but this squirrel caught me by total surprise, being a rescue gift from church friends.
On Quora, my space is called Flyswatterenthusiast. I like bugs and spiders, but do not care to share our shelter's interior. I try not to use chemical deterrents.
Just noticed squirrely's auto-save. Oh podnah, that is so nice. Thank You.