I have found a baby red squirrel. I am guessing he is approximately 7-8 weeks. I've had him for about 5 days now. Started with pedialyte and puppy milk replacer. Ordered a Henry's kit as soon as I found out about them. He is on fox valley now. I need tips on weighing him. He is very fast and very slippery. My scale is too small to put him on it in his carrier. I just want to make sure he is eating the correct amount and growing properly. I was thinking of maybe letting him crawl into a tube sock and weighing him in that? Also, he is currently living in a mesh pet carrier which I know can't be long term, where can I get something adequate for him until he gets closer to release age? Everything I find seems like something he can escape since he's so dang tiny. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Also... how do I add photos to this post?!