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Thread: Muffins - Good For Squirrels?

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    Hi everyone, thanks for your friendship, answers and more, this board rocks!

    I was just curious ... are muffins any good for squirrels? Is there anything in them that's bad for them? I ask because I do enjoy several muffins a day, but what usually happens is one or two in the box won't get eaten right away, and then a day passes and instead of eating them first, I want to eat the fresh, softest ones that I've just come home with, lol .... hence I end up with some stale muffins now and then.

    I'm guessing that a 'harder' muffin is better for the squirrel and his/her teeth than a soft one, lol, but what I don't know is whether this is a good treat for them, or just junk that they'd eat without knowing better. I have plenty of unblanched plain almonds here that I can put out for my grey girl, but I've been giving her a lot of those and I'm sure she must have hundreds stocked away for later by now, to say nothing of her own daily food efforts.

    Thanks in advance!



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    This is a wild we're talking about? Almonds are awesome for squirrels, raw ones, they've a lot of calcium. Muffins probably not so much, especially if they've got sugar and various other things in them. But a nibble won't hurt anyone I don't think. You just don't want them to eat muffins and not the things that are better for them. My guys love fresh corn, cherries, slices of avocado (not the skin or seed) and apples. I've never had much luck with the green leafys like broccoli or kale, but some people do.

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    Default Re: Muffins - Good For Squirrels?

    in addition to what mrs. jack said, i think the type of muffin would come into play. no-nos would be chocolate, cinnamon, blueberry (i find blueberries give my squirrels diarrhea), anything over the top with fat and fake stuff.

    ok ones might be plain-ish apple, bran, nut....anything along those lines.

    and again....this would be in TOTAL moderation. think of it as a snack, not a meal. if you were squirrel sized, one muffin would be the size of several watermelons!

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