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    New squirrel mom

    I found my girl Bianca on the sidewalk crying for hours. Just a few weeks old, eyes closed. After about a week while I held her - she opened her peepers. I fully intend to release her, but everytime I take her near the tree where I found her...she starts shaking and burrows into me. Could she have trauma from that far back (5 weeks ago)?

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    Actually yes, she could. Especially if she was on the ground because a hawk destroyed her nest, and possibly the others in her family or her mother. They remember.

    How old is she now, about 10 weeks? She is too young to be outside and way too young to be released. With a single squirrel (no siblings), you must take more time to allow her to wild up, for her instincts to kick in, before releasing her. Is there any way you can find a local wildlife rehabilitator to do a proper 'soft release' with her? This means she will spend time in a safe outdoor enclosure, acclimating to the world she will live in, before being out alone. This process should BEGIN at 14 weeks old, not before.

    What part of CA are you in? If there is a Coast & Canyon Wildlife center near you, they are generally very very good.
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