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Thread: So much waste /HT complete?

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    Default So much waste /HT complete?

    I’m so tired of coming home and laboriously preparing as balanced and healthy as can, meals for my gang. The veggies are barely touched by end of day and are tossed. The block (HT 2018) that I grind and mix with formula, ultra boost, nuts , baby food and coconut oil (I bake and cut into little squares ) are also barely touched . Last night I even ground pecans and made a crust on top as they baked. I place about 4/5 small bars (about size of a quarter ) into their dishes and most are uneaten and recycled for the wilds.

    I’m trying to simplify my routine and at same time give what they need... But 70/80% is untouched day after day. I’ve tried all the Henry’s blocks also. They go into the baked boo bars also, but still barely eat.

    Should I just simply feed the bars, and nothing else?? And give them no other options except these to eat?? Since HT is considered a complete block, would the boo bars be all they really need, and just forget the veggies they won’t eat?? The ONLY veggies I’ve ever seen nibbled are corn, sweet potato and sugar snap peas ... And these are not the healthiest.

    Tonight after throwing all the untouched veggies away from last night, I simple fave them a little dried oatmeal, and 4/5 pieces of HT boo bars.

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    Default Re: So much waste /HT complete?

    I have the similar issue... Especially since Monday, Buddy is barely touching any of his veggies. Like you said, some sugar snaps, maybe a bit of cabbage...

    I also hate to see so much food being wasted. I was thinking to keep the variety but reduce the amount a bit and keep offering only if he finishes the ones I provided first.
    Animals are magical....Thank you everyone who tries to help them, save them tirelessly...

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