Hello, It's been a minute since I have been on here. On Wed we heard a baby crying out for mom. Did not pay too much attention to it as it's that time of year. The crying started again on Thurs and this time we looked for it but found nothing. On Friday evening we were pulling into the driveway and almost hit the little guy. He was shivering and allowed us to approach him. Scooped him up as it was cold. Brought him in, warmed him up, and gave him sugar/salt/water through a syringe. After a while, he perked up. There was no place open that sold Esbilac or anything like it. After making sure he was warm and hydrated I gave him the goat's milk/ heavy cream/yogurt/egg mix. A small amount and will increase over time. Feeding every four hours.
He is fine for now. I think he's about 6 weeks old but kinda small. I'll pick up a scale to get weight.
Any Mohawk Valley rehabbers still around? I'd love to get this guy some professional help. My intentions are good but the two I've raised and released ( one with help from a member here) pretty much survived on willpower. I have also lost one which broke my heart. Any advice?
He's snoozing now and I have to get ready for work. Ill grab pics as soon as I can.