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    Exclamation Flyer wound on back

    When my 5 year old flyer came out tonight, I noticed that he looked like he was missing some fur on his back. Upon closer inspection, I saw that he actually had a fair sized wound there. I have no idea how he could have injured himself. Nothing in his cage or diet has changed. I did notice about a month ago that he had a bit of hair loss on his chest, but I thought he was just over grooming. I got him some freeze dried chicken at that time so I could up his protein just in case and he has loved that and gets some every night. I find it hard to believe that he would cause this injury to himself, but I honestly canít come up with any other scenario. Has anyone had anything like this occur? I immediately put some silver sulfadiazine cream on it which he left alone for a while. Then I saw recommended on here to do the betadine solution so I just put that on it after he had groomed the cream off. He is acting normal other than wanting to groom that area a lot. Iíll attach a picture of the wound (this was after he groomed the cream off so his fur looks greasy) Is there anything else I can do for him? Iím so worried, and nothing like this has ever happened to him.
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