I believe a squirrel in my back yard has MBD. Sluggish, too tired to tackle nuts in shell, left partially chewed walnut meat. It is shaking with both small tremors in a way reminiscent of hiccups and the fur on its lower face looks... like it is close to molting (but no signs of mange). For a lack of a better word, its eyes look tired.

I feed a mix of nuts in shell (walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds), big acorns from a park (not molded and I trust they are not worse than those burried in natire), with a few handfuls of de-shelled peanuts (also for birds). I’ve noticed one leucistic squirrel only eats peants, and it is possible so did this one, but with it being gray like the rest, it is hard to tell. Although right now it is eating walnut meats as it is the only thing that’s deschelled. My neighbor puts out industrial amounts of bread for birds, and squirrels eat it too.

This squirrel is not captive, so it can choose not to eat something, if it is not palatable. This one is not along the bravest, who would come closer to be thrown a nut, so whatever it is, I’d have to put it out in larger quantities. I can order Henry’s, but it will take time to get here and I understand squirrels are not crazy about it, when they are wild and have choices.

Do you think I can even help this squirrel with what it would willingly eat, if it is coming when I can see it? Do you have a recommendation on the Henry’s block most palatable to wilds, and what can I do in the meantime for a wild one? I will mix rollersids with peanut butter next, in case she comes back. And yes, I’ll reserve the peanuts to the bird feeders for small birds.