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Thread: 7 week old with possible malocclusion issues

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    Default 7 week old with possible malocclusion issues

    This little guy came to my by chance due to a storm..I'm concerned about how his teeth are not lined up..hopefully the pics show it but the bottom are falling to the side of the top teeth and even when he nurses I have to place the nipple at an angle and to the side because he just opens his mouth and sticks his tongue way out and tries pushing away if I dont' ..just asking opinions on if he may possibly end up NR with Malocclusion or if it's too soon to tell... Thanks
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    Default Re: 7 week old with possible malocclusion issues

    I am by no means as experienced as the long time members /rehabbers here, but I presently have two malocclusions. One was born with wonky top teeth, the other due to trauma/ jaw fractures . If you could burrito the baby and let its mouth/lips be in a natural position (without fingers holding everything steady) , does it look as if his lower mouth is offset ? I wonder if he has a partial lower jaw fracture? Have you felt any instability in his mouth/face, does he struggle (besides the position of the teeth) like he’s hurting ?
    Either way, those are definitely concerning. I once had a little one whose teeth were pointing in all different directions; she had fallen from the nest . The crooked teeth eventually fell out and grew back correctly ... But hers were not as out of line as these. He could very well be a NR. Let others more experienced chime in and listen to their advice .

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    Default Re: 7 week old with possible malocclusion issues

    The bottoms are too long. Once they are cut back to the proper length the tops may straighten out. Right now they can't because the bottoms are in the way.

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