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Thread: butt dragging???

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    Default butt dragging???

    okay so my little guy just had a lot of constipation issues but my mom saw him dragging his butt along the floor like a dog before we solved the constipation, and now I just witnessed it too. it's exactly like a dog does and then he started jumping around like crazy almost like he thought there was something touching his rear and trying to get away from it? could this be something like worms? it doesn't seem like he's pooping, again, so maybe these things go hand in hand.

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    There is no harm in treating him for worms. You will need to either go to Tractor Supply or online to purchase the meds. What you want is the drug fenbendazole. The trademarked names for the drug are Safe-guard and Panacur. Once you locate the drug post what you have and the strength of it, or take a picture of the label, and post the weight of the squirrel.

    The drug is usually well tolerated.

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    I am having the same issues with my 3 year old, were you able to solve the issue?

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