I am new to this board.
I am very thankful to have found it.
I have a little squirrel that comes around.
In mid Winter he started coming to the window with patches of missing fur.
The areas were red and itchy.
I found the answer here to use ivermectin on walnuts and it worked.
Thank you!
He comes daily (he lives in the Oak tree next door) and I give him Fruit and Nut mix bird food along
with walnuts and shelled peanuts.
He is beginning to come when he sees me.
Here is the problem.
He looks like an otter when going up his tree.
He also will take a piece of food and sit up and then fall over.
Is there anything I can do to help him?
He was here last year as a baby and displayed some "odd" behavior but I wrote it off to him being
young and not being familiar with the world.
Now that Spring is here and I can be out and observe him I see he has some problems.
Thank you,